Make Sure You Get Your Car Accident Compensation

With over thirty one million cars on the roads of Britain it is no wonder that there is always a massive number of car accident insurance claims going through the legal pipeline.

Somewhat surprisingly the ratio of cars to accidents has steadily reduced as the numbers of cars have increased over the decades. With fewer cars fifty years ago there were proportionally many more fatal accidents than there is today. Part of the reason is down to the design of the car and highly improved braking systems on modern vehicles.

Tiredness at the wheel and lack of concentration is the reason most accidents occur and this has often led to the argument that the unlimited speeds on parts of German motorways where it is possible to legally drive in excess of one hundred and fifty miles per hour is actually safer than restricted speeds as it keeps the mind very concentrated!

No matter how careful a driver you are the chances are that at some time in your life you are likely to have at least a couple of accidents even if you may not they are fairly minor ones.

As long as you are fully insured there should be no difficulties getting car accident compensation. Unfortunately, many insurance companies traditionally make the claim processa long and protracted procedure as they never like paying out if they can find some loophole and chance not to.
In 2010 for the first time in sixty years the number of vehicles on the road in the U. K. fell from the previous year. There were a quarter of a million fewer cars on the roads and there were several reasons for this.

The government had introduced the cash for bangers scheme where a buyer of a new car could bring in any old vehicle and get a guaranteed trade-in discount on the new car of two thousand pounds. Another reason was the beginning of a recession and finally a crackdown on uninsured cars on the road all contributed to this reduction of over all traffic.

Despite the very slight reduction in car numbers insurance claims continued to rise and worryingly this included a massive increase in whiplash injuries some of which were of a very dubious nature.

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