8 innovative technology products which fail to reach the target market

8 innovative technology products which fail to reach the target market
Advances in technology have spawned many innovative technological products. Currently, the Internet, Smartphones and tablets have taken over the space technology. But there are certain innovative technology products which fail to reach the target market.

Here are eight tech products that failed to reach the target market, namely:

1. HP Touchpad

HP TouchPad no longer given the opportunity to fight his rival. The company decided to stop rival iPad launched just after a month. In Australia, the decision for the sale of such devices are less than a week in the gadget market. As a result, application developers and buyers take advantage of the sloping price, after HP lowered price of tablets down to around $ 150.

2. Apple's 30-pin dock connector

Apple's a lot to build most of the peripherals, music docks and accessories for a third party to complete their favorite Smartphone, since the original iPhone debuted in 2007. 30-pin connector brought out by Apple to ensure that any new iPhone accessories remain compatible with the old owners. But things changed drastically after the release of the iPhone 5, as a reliable connector was replaced with a small port. In addition, Apple declined to include the adapter in the iPhone 5 in the sales package, or incur additional costs of approximately $ 35 to use the old accessories into their new Smartphone.
3. Polaroid camera

Polaroid 'instant film' are likely to endure long if not the advent of digital photography technology has become the main choice users Polaroid photography on appeal.

 4. Microsoft Xbox

Microsoft's first Xbox only lasted four years, making it one of the video game console in the history of the shortest-lived. Although it sold more than 24 million units worldwide, the device stopped the Xbox 360 instead. The majority of observers deliberately turn the PlayStation 3 to beat the market.

5. Windows Small Business Server

In July last year, Microsoft announced that they will stop the Windows Small Business Server (SBS) suite is to focus more on Windows Server 2012 Essentials and Office 365 cloud-based.

6. Cisco Flip Camcorder

Popularity 'pocket camera' that developed in the latter half of the last decade pioneered by flip camcorder. Although the convenience of a compact camera offering, the amateur videographer gadget is equipped with Full HD video. Cisco chose to discontinue this business even though acquiring this product with $ 590 million nearly two years before it was discontinued. At that time, flip camcorder represents about 35% of the camcorder market.

7. Osborne 1

Osborne 1 portable micro computing was pioneered in the early 1980s and it is commercially successful businesses of the era. Technology lovers began to ignore 'is obsolete machine' with the majority of them to switch to Apple or IBM instead of waiting for the new model. In 1983, Osborne was not production anymore.

8. Windows Live Messenger

Windows Live Messenger, previously known as MSN Messenger, was created in 1999 by Microsoft. The company announced the switch kelayanan Skype, which the company acquired for $ 8.5 billion last year. Apart from competition from Yahoo and Google, which continues to be the instant-messaging program most popular in the world. IM Skype has a user base that can compete with both

7 Tips to Maintaining Brain Health

The brain is part of the human body that is not replaceable. The role of the brain is essential to the body as a whole. Real life is the life of the individual brain. The name of an individual is none other than a call to his brain. Differences in socio-economic strata positions reflect differences in the quality of his brain.
Our brain has two parts: the right hemisphere and the left hemisphere. The left hemisphere plays a role in the ability to read, write, count and other cognitive functions. While the right brain as a form of parallel thinking, creative, intuitive, and imaginative.

7 Tips to Maintaining Brain Health
Its function is vital that we really need to maintain the health of the brain itself, then how? Here are 7 Tips to Maintain Brain Health:
Not Consuming Drugs and Cigarettes. With love to smoke or use drugs the brain will be damaged and loses its functions. In addition, the brain is so vulnerable to a variety of diseases ranging from mild to severe. There is a heavy smoker who does not smoke when he cannot think well, but all of it is just nonsense that is a suggestion only. Be careful and vigilant anyway with addictive substances and additives that can damage our brains.
Sleep Deprivation And Resting Brain. Our brains need adequate rest after a day of activities that both light and heavy. Should not be too much to think that heavy-weight that require concentration and brain power of the maximum. Resting brain can do something relaxing like a nap, with light music, chat with close friends, watching comedy movies, etc. With enough sleep for 6 to 8 hours, then the brain will be used to the maximum.
The Wrong Diet And Unhealthy. Eat nutritious food and sufficient for the human brain requires a sufficient supply of nutrients to perform the work and to grow. Get used to breakfast each morning with food that is not too heavy but enough nutrition. Do not eat too much so overweight that can clog the brain vessels. Consumption of sugar was not too much so as not to block the absorption of proteins and nutrients in our body.
Oxygen deficiency and Pollution Air Pollution. The brain needs oxygen for optimal activity. Avoid places that have high pollution and air pollution place or toxic fumes. Use a mask when doing activities where pollution or smoke, but not too long since closed down so we do not carbon dioxide poisoning. Improve air circulation or ventilation air if the room was crowded and stuffy.
Avoid Thinking Too Hard. People who are stressed or depressed brain usually worn constantly thinking about something that is not the base of the tip so that the body will be exposed to the effects of the impact negetifnya become ill. If you stress / depression should be direct vent or doing counseling with people who can be trusted so we got a solution / exit problems, or at least ease the burden of our minds. If you are sick do a lot of thinking in order to quickly recover.
Blunt brain / Tepo Because Rarely Used. If you do not want to have problems with weak brains aka slow, then you have to train our brains often use to think that stimulate brain stimulation such as by learning, critical thinking, debate, play puzzle games, play music, and so forth. If used rarely, the brain will shrink so weak and finally we finished the slow and if tulalit talk.
Protect And Keep your head from impact or injury. It's pretty ridiculous reality on the ground where a lot of people passing on the highway using a motorcycle without the use of protective headgear helmet to protect the head from the time of collision or fall. Many people are dead or concussions because the trivial issue. Children or young adolescents responsibilities very happy sometimes behave foolishly in public by conducting mass destruction even though the purpose was initially just to look cool in front of friends bejadnya. Their heads and others in the vicinity may be injured as stones and other hard objects. Concussion in the head may damage the brain, therefore always protect us from the impact.

Tips on Choosing a Safe Starting & Business

Tips on Choosing a Safe Starting & Business
Success is the desire of every person in his life. By building a business, chances will be approached by way of choosing what business will be developed in the future.

Chairman of the Organizing Smart Money Game Sutikno Mike Rini said, in building a business should be thinking about what business will be developed. This is quite important in the business needs a strong foundation.

In addition, the decision as well as impulses as a whole, with the trust if able to fight and believe that the selected flourish business, the main capital in starting a business.

"If we are choosing what business will be developed, we must be able to think 'what could be with him, so if there are any issues that block, we should not break up with her or discouraged and leave it alone'. Especially when it's out of money first, inevitably we have to fight to survive, "said Mike, Sunday (01/13/2013).

Whereas in starting a business, he added, was used to discover the difficulties and the problems to be faced. The key is to not be dropped in the middle of the road, so that all businesses, no material will be wasted, resulting in loss of business.

"Therefore, we must need a boost to select a business and our passion. Due to this desire can be something that we liked and what we did and often do, with a passion that we have a mind to fight," he concluded.