Do you want to make money writing? Perhaps you've been hesitating, wondering whether you can do it. Perhaps you've written a book but you dont have money to publish it. Do you actually know that you can even make money while you are yet to even finish your books. Do you also know that you can just write, type it in ms word and convert to pdf (optional) and start selling even online? If so, here's a super-simple process for you to follow.

If you dont have the funds to publish your books Your Options as a Beginner is probably to start online

There are plenty of options for you in online writing, the data that can be entered into the Internet is virtually limitless, it all depends on what kind of online writer you want to be. If you're thinking you want to write to get your ideas out there, then try blogging or any of those social network platforms where you can scream out your ideas to the world. You could also sign up with emagazines and other online publications, or even start up your own newsletter service. People claim to be able to make money from these kinds of writing, but since I have no idea on the matter, I will not elaborate on it.

On the other hand, if you are content with the idea of expressing someone else's ideas, and be a writer for hire, then welcome to my world. It's a very interesting world, and one with it's own set of characters that I've grown to love. How much do I love it? I gave up my day job to be a full time online writer. The money isn't as good, but the job is wonderful.

The Bosses

I don't contract out for my own work. I only accept assignments from my bosses or agents. They find the clients and deal with them and I don't have to worry about offending the people whom I write for. I was very lucky to find two great bosses who never complain and are very, very good at what they do. I have come across a writing agent/boss who took himself too seriously, and needless to say that didn't work out for either of us. He wanted a Pulitzer Prize winner, and software wizard all in one and I've never had dreams of being either much less both.

The Clients

Clients are like lovers, some are easy to please, and some are high maintenance (something that I really don't have to deal with, but have done enough rewrites to know that they exist). Some are also generous, and some are cheapskates. If you're going to do your own contracting as an online writer, you have to learn to draw the line somewhere and let the client know exactly what he will get when he signs you up.

Your Fellow Writers

Though I would be the last to expect any writing awards, I have come across articles that are poorly written even by my low standards. If you're good enough and a bit unlucky, you will end up fixing that poor chap's articles. The upside is that you will be taking one for the team, and fixing up the image that online writers are just hacks.

Online writers usually also get paid by word count. There are always ways to meet the word count without having to repeat yourself over and over. You're already on a computer with Internet access, use your search bar and look at a few more results

And One Last Thing

If you want to be a good writer, read. Anything you can get your hands on, anytime you can spare. You might never know when the knowledge that you gain from reading will be needed, but rest assured that it would.
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