Getawayclub(www.getawayclub.net/philantrophist) is a company thats sell travel packages at wholesales price.It is also a networking site that people have started making money from.When you join,you are placed in the Bronze board(they are four boards in the system:Bronze,Silver,Gold and Platinum)you are then required to bring two people and you are to encourage them to bring two people each also.Immediately they introduce two people each,you get $100 paid to your account automatically and you moved to the next board which is the Silver board.The same process that happens in the first board occurs again and you are paid $300(but you dont need to bring people again compulsorily,if you do,the people will be placed under those who have nobody under them but the system will recognise you and you will be earning a certain percentage of their total earnings up to their fifth downlines).At the Gold board,you will be paid $3000 as your downlines meet you there and you will be recycled to the Platinum Board where you will be earning $17000 for life as people meet you there.Your first total earnings amount to $20400.You may decide your holiday travels with 40% discount by booking your details with the platinum epass which you get immediately you register or you cash your money to your local bank account as most people are doing already.NOTE THIS:YOU HAVE TO REALLY JOIN A FAST MOVING NETWORK SO THAT YOU CAN RECYCLE FASTER AND GET DOWNLINES PLACED UNDER YOU WITHOUT MEETING ANYBODY.EXAMPLE OF A FAST MOVING NETWORK YOU CAN JOIN AND EARN A TOTAL OF $20400 WITHIN A MONTH IS OUR NETWORK www.getawayclub.net/philantrophist NEW MEMBERS ARE ALREADY MAKING IT IN A MONTH AND SOME IN 17DAYS.TO JOIN YOU HAVE TO HAVE A MASTER/VISA CREDIT CARD OR AN E-GOLD ACCOUNT WITH $200.FOR MORE INFORMATION ABOUT JOINING,ENQUIRIES OR YOU DONT HAVE ANY OF THE PAYMENT OPTIONS,MAIL US ON wealthcreator003@gmail.com

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